Friday, July 13, 2012


Jumpin' Beans Adventure RelayHayden Idaho, 2012

Some friends invited me to run with their family in a new local (Hayden Idaho) community running relay event which took place last Saturday. The terrain consisted of dense back woods and barely identifiable courses covered in pine cones, sticks, logs to dodge and jump over, trees to duck under; the 10 K course also had a rock wall to climb AND a few mud puddles were part of at least two courses… I’m used to road running, so cross country was quite intense for me and I found it easy to miss trail markings while running intently. I wasn’t alone… It was quite common for runners to pass a mark then have to turn around searching for markers to know which way to go (I was rescued a number of times by a fellow runner who called out to me and other runners ahead of her when we would miss pass our marks; yeah Alyssa, Just met you and I already love ya! :D).

Since terrain was so rough and rugged, the founder renamed the event, "Jumpin Beans Extreme Adventure Relay;" which fits perfectly. :)  Each course began and ended in the same location so there was a very fun gathering place with good food, drinks, music, and chairs to relax from. :) And though the woods were dense and too thick to see the social group while out running, the entire wooded area was only 1 square mile (amazing to be so close to town and feel miles and miles out of town; super cool safety feature for an adventure trail! :)

First of my two runs…
I ran the 10 K and the two mile courses for my team so these are the courses I can tell about. Both courses were covered in pine cones, sticks, logs to dodge and jump over, trees to duck under, AND even a few mud puddles… One puddle seemed impossible to dodge so I was covered in mud from my knees down. I also missed the marks a number of times (as mentioned above) so finally stayed with the girl who kept rescuing me until we got to a bunch of down hill running, in which I simply had to go for it! J The down hill running took me back to childhood when I would go up in the mountains with my brothers and run around making forts and such. J OK, back to the run…

My time for the 10 K (6.4 miles) was only one hour and two minutes - awesome time for the terrain, I think! :) (Though I must admit that flying down the steep hill side at the end is what shaved several minutes off the run. I LOVED the end of that course! :)

Second of my two runs…
On the two mile course I ran in circles (the course crossed over itself) and considering the fact that I ran for 50 minutes (in the heat and on rough terrain), I probably ended up running about 5 miles rather than two ( sorry team! :o) - I either ran slower due to high temperatures and no water on that run, or I ran farther than 5 miles - who knows! But I must say, I got a KILLER workout! And I am so much stronger now because of this awesome event! 

HOW WAS THE RUN OVERALL?I LOVED IT! Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY (It’s probably a new annual tradition! :D) I’m very excited to have this awesome event added to my very own community, and so thankful to everyone who worked so hard to make this event a great success!

PS. My team came in last place in this event. :o But that's OK. The important thing is that we all got a great workout and had a great time... right? :)

PPS.  Yesterday I overdid it running. It was a short run, half the length of my usual runs, but felt very intense (the heat didn't help). I can't believe I did that two days before my first triathlon!!!! :o My legs just seem to be getting sorer (I hope they feel great by tomorrow morning!), and my chest hurts a little; I may have overworked my heart, darn! Therefore, today I am simply relaxing, and STRETCHING - A LOT. I'm taking a break but wonder if I need to work it out with a gentle jog, or wait to work it out at the triathlon tomorrow morning. Agg! 

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