Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tender Mercies for the Hayden Sprint Triathletes

Yesterday was the second annual Hayden Sprint Triathlon. This year, the event has again come and gone, but not without me! I PARTICIPATED IN THE HAYDEN SPRINT TRIATHLON! :D There are so many cool things to share... where to start? :o

First of all, the weather was amazing! But you have to know about the days before and after to appreciate the weather that day...

Two days before the race the weather was well over 100 F (If the billboard I drove past was correct, it was 108 F when I went by around 2:00, and I ran the day before in similar heat for just 27 very long minutes!)

The day before we had thunder and rain storms, greatly cooling off the air and making the temperature feel fabulous. 

The morning of the triathlon the storm was not 100% over, but it was miraculously held off - this simply could not be a perfect coincidence! There was a ton of wind and the water was very choppy (due to the wind and waves, several participants freaked out and quit the race the first few minutes of the swim). But it didn't rain, and it wasn't hundred degree weather either; the temperature was PERFECT! :) Even the water was warm, at about seventy some degrees. :) Honestly... I was super happy that the water was choppy because I figured it would take me that much farther OUT of my comfort zone and give me greater progress. :)

By the end of the day (long after the race and all the celebrations were over) the thunder storm resumed, all night and into the morning. It is the morning after and rain is still falling from the sky, reminding me of what we could have raced in - but didn't... :) Some people call it an amazing coincidence. I see it as just one of many tender mercies which I am so thankful to such a kind Father in Heaven for! :D  I wonder how many people prayed for such mercy...

Time for me to get ready for church. I'll write more ASAP.

Corine :D

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