Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Second Annual Hayden Triathlon - My Experience :)

Hi! :D I wrote a little about the weather already, and now it's time to tell you about my experience in the Hayden Sprint Triathlon...

As you can see, I was # 278. I'm sorry I don't know how many participants there were, but probably around 300. (Yes, I procrastinated signing up - secretly hoping to get out of it. J.K. ;)

The biggest thing I did to prepare for this was learn to swim. I had an incredible challenge of learning to be comfortable with my head down in the water so I could swim efficiently. When I first started it seemed impossible; I was a terrible swimmer! :o From March through June I swam three days a week most weeks. At first I could only swim the 25 yards to the other end of the pool in a hyperventilation type fashion (I knew the life guards were secretly "on guard.") My head was up, and I held on at the other end for dear life as I rested and waited to be sure I wouldn't drown on the way back to the other end of the pool.

Me and Columba Aguilar. :)
And people watched me, a lot. In fact, people actually laughed at me... I recall writing about it as I posted my swim workout on "Daily Mile." I'll never forget the encouraging comment left there from a man I have never even met who agreed to be my "friend" and help me out, "You'll show them!" Douglas is his name. "One day you will be a better swimmer than they are!"  I couldn't help smiling and thinking of that each day as I went back to the pool. Douglas hadn't even met me, and he believed in me. I could believe in me, too... (In the above photo on the right... Me and my amazing friend - who unbeknown to her, was about to win third place in her division! :)  PS. I'm the one in the pink.)
My husband spied and took photos before the race started.
There were others too, who saw me faithfully returning time after time and cheered me on. They became my cheer leaders. :) (I had more cheerleaders during training than I had for the event.) Valerie has been my biggest cheerleader, and the one who got me going. I could also always count on some of the life guards to clap for me and point out that I was improving. Many regulars at the pool also complimented me on my progress and gave me tips to improve further. I joked that I must have a sign on my forehead that said, "teach me, I want to know!"  I was blessed by many kind people with regular reassurance that they knew I could do this. :) About a week or two before the triathlon I started swimming in the lake. That required a major mental adjustment that shocked me into further procrastinating signing up - wondering again if I could do this (I was sure I could before I got in the lake. I began to believe again soon after I kept swimming in the lake).

Me and Valerie Johnson. :) Valerie got first in her division!
Though when I first started out training at the pool I was sure the swim would always be the toughest part of a triathlon... I WAS WRONG!  :D Though it was somewhat challenging psychologically swimming in open water around a mass of people and getting my face kicked, thanks to many hours of training AND the wetsuit (not to mention I swam slowly ;) I found the swim to be, physically, the easiest part of the race; and I didn't panic. :) I did swim on my back a few times, but not to rest from physical exhaustion. I did it to help me relax and to prevent myself from panicking. If ever my heart rate raised from stress or worry, I would roll over, relax, and tell myself to just swim on my back and relax until I felt calm. Despite the delay from swimming on my back and swimming out wide to get away from the other swimmers, it only took 21 minutes and 40 seconds for me to do the half mile swim.  I look forward to improving my time drastically as I progress further psychologically so I can swim a more direct course. :)

Me waving to my family as I got off the bike... :)
My transition times were terrible, but I learned from them. I learned I needed new toe clip straps (and was given some yesterday when I met up with a friend to bike with her); I learned that I need to have a water bottle ready there with nutrition in it to quickly drink so I don't have to chew on food during the bike ride; and I learned that I need to go a lot faster during the transitions if I want to make good time overall. :o

I also learned that I need to train on flats if the race is on flats (would you believe that of the small amount of training I did since I got my bike assembled a month before the race was all hills? I assumed this to be a good thing but was surprised that my legs had no idea what to do on flats! WEIRD!) Consequently, my time on the bike was awful! Almost 43 minutes - ouch! I think I was trying not to use too much energy on the bike to save it for the run (I did this on the swim as well). That was nuts, considering the run was only 3 miles long and the bike is where I could have shaved the most time had I pushed myself on the bike. Oh well... Live and learn. :) I had no chance of winning that race anyhow with "wonder man" and "wonder woman" there. ;) (Seriously, the first place man and woman flew with amazing speed! They both finished the entire race in just minutes over an hour.)

I finished the entire race in an hour and 34 minutes and 21 seconds, which I wasn't too happy with because I knew I could do better and regretted not pushing more on the bike or in the water. I clearly didn't "sprint" :o on the swim or bike, but I ran fairly well (for me) at about 26 minutes and 24 seconds. It was almost all flats with just one or two small hills, and I was happy to discover I ran those three miles in 8.5 minutes each. Nothing like the first place finishers, but at least I did it! :) By the way, the toughest part for me was the transition off the bike. The first few minutes of the run were painful. I stopped to visit with a couple friends and stretch for a few seconds - twice. :D LOL (different friends)

Before I end this post with a copy of my official results, I have to say something about what I witnessed from seeing the results of this triathlon.
*YOU CAN'T TELL HOW WELL A PERSON WILL DO OR HOW IN SHAPE THEY ARE BY LOOKING AT THEM! seriously... I absolutely loved watching unsuspecting individuals pass people who you would think might do better. And when it came time for awards, I LOVED seeing a women go up when called to stand on her first place throne (she was wearing an outfit which clearly showed off her amazing abs, etc...) - followed by the second place person, wearing an outfit almost identical to the first with almost identical amazing abs... - followed by a new mother with a modest outfit, and a precious little baby in her arms... :) I couldn't believe I didn't think to take a photo until it was too late! Darn! But here is a profile of the young and unsuspecting winner among the crowd after she received her metal. :) Doesn't she rock? :D And, I have a friend who won third place in the Althena group - also a new mom... She seriously rocks! I'm inspired! :)

Here is a website you can go to to see every one's results:

Here are my results...

Corine MOORE

2012 Hayden Triathlon


Racer Number: 278
Gender: F
Age: 41
Representing: HAYDEN ID US
Chip Time Information
Actual Start Time: 00:00:00.000
Stop Time: 08:40:21.676
Chip Time: 01:34:21.6
Gun Time Information
Assigned Start Time: 07:06:00.000
Stop Time: 08:40:21.676
Gun Time: 01:34:21.6

Final Time: 01:34:21.6

Race Distance: Sprint
Overall Placing
Place: 168
Time Back: 00:30:36.700
Gender Placing
Place: 50
Time Back: 00:30:06.000
Division Placing
F 40-44 Place: 11
Time Back: 00:16:54.100
NoNameInterval TimeTotal Time PaceOverall PlaceOverall BackGender Place Gender BackDivsion PlaceDivision Back


  1. Hey Corine, So So Awesome, way to go! I have yet to do a lake tri, but I think I could if I trained. I haven't done a tri since before my baby and he is now 14 months....and I'm prego again (haven't really told anyone, infact just my hubby knows, but I know you won't tell anyone :) We totally need to do a tri one day together! I am running still about 3-4 miles 4 times a week, but I am slow. I am doing a relay in 5 weeks with some friends, should be fun!

    Way to go on the tri again, your running time was awesome. It is so hard to get of your bike and start running...i always feel like I have just had an epidural and my legs are numb :) Probably my awful bike!

    1. Hi Kendra! CONGRATULATIONS on the new baby - that is AWESOME!!! :D And way to go with keeping up the running! That will be a blessing to you through the pregnancy and delivery (not to mention it will help you have energy and sanity afterwards with all those active little kidso's ;) I'm proud of you! :) Oh, and I'm so excited to remember you do triathlons, not just running! Let's do a triathlon together one day!!!! :D I still think it would be fun to do a half marathon together as well, even if we stick together and talk the whole time and it ruins our fast paces! LOL :D
      PS. I did a running relay this summer as well. I'll post a blog about it soon so come back and check it out! :) I'd love to hear about your relay as well.
      Corine :D

  2. Congrats! What a great accomplishment. It's funny though swimming is my sport. And biking is where I need the psychological help.

    1. Hi Cassi! Thanks! :D cool that swimming is your sport! I hope to get good enough to be in the water for an extended time WITHOUT a wet-suit and totally think people like you are truly blessed!
      Corine :D

  3. I'm late to the game, but SO PROUD OF YOU! Just had to say it. :)

    1. Hi Gerb! I haven't seen you in so long - how great to see you and thanks for stopping by! :D THANK YOU for keeping in touch and for your kind words here. If you ever decide to do another and want a cheerleader - send me a message and count me in! Maybe we can do one together one day as well! :D

      PS. I hope all is well for you. :)
      Corine :D