Sunday, August 12, 2012

Race Results for my first Olympic Triathlon

I finally went on line and got my race results. I was surprised at the results.

The first event was the one I'm most excited about, and that is the swim. My swim time was 29 minutes and 36 seconds, but I waited at least two minutes to enter the water so my time was actually closer to 27 minutes or less. I am so excited about that! My goal several months ago was to swim the mile in 35 minutes. The last couple days of June I swam a 28 minute mile so I just decided to set the goal to swim a mile in about  25 minutes or less. I am excited to see what I can do and now plan to start training in the water again. I wonder how much faster I can go. I wonder if I can do the mile in 20 minutes. I know, it is a tall order. But why not try? After all, the swim was by far the easiest part of the race for me. I am SHOCKED at how easy it is for me, especially given the fact that I just started learning to swim and training to swim this March - 6 months ago! Maybe this is a talent I didn't know I had. :D

The second part of the race was the bike. This part I LOVED!!! But the surprising thing is how much faster some of those women are on bike compared to me. Nevertheless, I was also surprised at the fact that I was most of the way through the bike portion of the race before a woman passed me on the bike - and incredibly startled to find myself saying, "What? A woman just passed me on the bike?" I know I sound conceited here. Trust me, I'm not. I was surprised to find myself thinking that because it occurred to me that it was the FIRST time to my recollection that a woman had passed me on the bike. THAT is what surprised me. I was further surprised when we left the hills and finished the course on flats - only to have several women creep up and pass me. I seriously need to train on flats! :o I don't know why I am so bad at flats. Maybe I need to gain some muscle in my legs. I know I have lost a ton of muscle over the years (haven't weight lifted in years). I may have to do a little strength training to improve my performance on the flats. By the way, it took me an hour and 24 minutes to do the bike course. This was clearly my weakest area. The 4 of the 6 women in my age group who were faster than me were MUCH faster on the bike, one as fast as one hour and nine minutes (WOW! She had to be a serious racer!!!) I will say though, that I really enjoyed riding the bike - even if I was 18 minutes slower than the first place "wonder woman!" :) And even if deep down inside I'd like to be a "wonder woman" too. :)

By the way - For the last part of the race I rode neck-in-neck with woman who later tracked me down and exchanged phone numbers with me; I pointed out to her while we were riding that we were clearly a good cycling match and could train together if she were a local. It turns out, she does live in the area, and we are going to train together! Yippee! OK, moving on...

I did the 6.2 mile run in 54 minutes and 31 seconds, giving a pace of about 8:46. I know I can do better than that, but it was OK. One of the things I like about the run is that we are all going slow enough to socialize some. :D Yes, I love to socialize, even if just briefly! I love to encourage other runners and then find them again after the race and congratulate each other on a job well done. We both worked hard. We both know it. And we truly are happy for each other! That mutual appreciation and exchange of smiles feels great!

I know I wrote something about the run (after talking about what a "blast" I had swimming and cycling) in the blog post I just posted, but I'll reiterate it here for those who didn't read it, since this is the section about the run, and because I like being a geek now and then. :o LOL - see the last post if interested in the rest of what I had to say...
I'm not sure if I can say the run was a "Blast" but I had fun socializing some more and encouraging people who were struggling. One man told me I was "way too happy for this!" After we chatted I passed him but later saw him again after turning around at the end of mile 3 and coming back to finish the last 3 miles of the run. He then hollered out to me, "And you're still  smiling! ;)" Yeah... I think even the run was a blast! :)

As it turned out, there were a lot of people there (544), and while I only got 93 place in my division, I was in 7th place out of 26 women based on age (40-44), and 14th out of 51 for gender (14th out of all women ages 40 and up; one woman was 60 - so WOW to the 7 older women who beat the younger ones... very cool!). I don't think these statistics say anything at all about how I did, however, as they compare me to other women - not to myself. How did I do? I improved. :) I had fun and worked hard. I did good. :D And as long as I keep working hard and being consistent - I'll keep on doing good! :D

Bellow are my results (bib 410) as found on the following website: ...

Triathlon 40+

Race Standings

: Triathlon 40 +
: F

Saturday, August 11, 2012

My First Olympic Triathlon! :D

Click on my number for race results...
Hi! :D Today I participated in my first Olympic distance triathlon! I have only been training for this for a short time so I have to remember that when comparing myself to the top racers (I started running in March of "11, but began learning to swim with my face in the water 5 months ago, and began biking again two months ago). Considering this - I am happy with the results! :) I have a couple of friends who have (at my request) been praying for me concerning the triathlon I did today. This post is a letter to them as well as to the rest of you who are interested in how things went today...
Thank you for your prayers, they were answered! (Especially the one about not having problems swimming in the crowd. ;0)
About the crowds... I didn't have to worry about the crowds for the swim at all! :o I was doing what I do best (socializing) when I said goodbye to a couple people so they could catch their wave. I decided to go get a drink of water and get back on time for my wave 10 minutes later.
As I walked back to my water bottle I decided that as thirsty as I was, I should watch the current wave go so I can see what the start is like with 200 people and decide if I wanted to just wait a minute to start behind the rest of the wave. By the time I got to the beach everyone was out there swimming full force and I didn't notice anyone swimming over the tops of anyone else. But , something else caught my attention... NO ONE ON THE BEACH HAD A CAP THE SAME COLOR THAT I HAD! AHHHH! Only I would do this - and I seem to make sure to do something like this with this blond head of mine regularly!!! Long story short, I had a TON of room before me, with NO ONE in the water around me; it took a while to catch up with part of the crowd... :o
Despite the several minute delay, I had a blast swimming! :D 
And I had a blast biking (it was quite fun passing people when we went up hills - despite the fact that some caught up with me on the flats)! :D  
I'm not sure if I can say the run was a "Blast" but I had fun socializing some more and encouraging people who were struggling. One man told me I was "way too happy for this!" After we chatted I passed him but later saw him again after turning around at the end of mile 3 and coming back to finish the last 3 miles of the run. He then hollered out to me, "And you're still  smiling! ;)" Yeah... I think even the run was a blast! :)
My time was nothing to write home about (though to tell you the truth, I don't actually know what it is yet exactly - but think it was just under 3 hours); however, I gave it a good effort and felt really good about that. I earned my first professional massage, and a nap, and took both of them with gratitude and gladness! :D
Now, I hope all is well with you. As for me, it is time to go catch another nap before getting together with friends tonight... :)
 Hugs... Corine :D

PS. I just remembered a favorite video of mine that I want to add to this post! :D Here is a man with a story to write home about!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Achieving Athletic Goals - Lessons from Gardening...

I realize this is a Triathlon Training Blog, and one might expect to read about triathlon experiences ONLY, but I have learned about many different facts of life through gardening, and one of those lessons actually applies to attaining goals like being ready to participate in triathlons... :)

So here I am, copying and pasting from my personal life blog about gardening, and about having the faith to get out of bed and go work out - believing that it is possible to attain your triathlon goals. :) Here are my gardening lessons...

This year I have learned some very different things from before from gardening, and I think it's worth remembering, so here I am to tell the tale! :D

First of all, this year is the year I thought I would plant early and have a huge crop (since my garden beds were finished - with exception to getting new soil for the planters). OK, so I think that every year! :o LOL But you know what? This year, I didn't even FINISH planting. That's right. In addition to the planter boxes having nothing done with them, there was an entire bed that I had not planted it, with exception to one small corner. In that corner some of the plants died. I had many plants die this year... But I also had some unexpected pants come up as well. I think I'll tell you about the plants that died first, then about the plants I didn't plant...

It was really important to me to have GOOD SOIL, so I would not start my garden until I could get fertilizer for the soil. This is good, but I made a couple mistakes...

Mistake # 1: The reason that part of the garden was planted REALLY LATE and part of it WASN'T PLANTED AT ALL was simply because I was determined not to plant until I had fertilizer to create the "perfect" soil... even though it was way past time to plant. Looking back, I think the bare sections would have produced more than the nothing they are producing now even if I hadn't added fertilizer; don't you agree? So my first mistake was allowing high expectations that I didn't think I could meet - keep me from planting.

Reflecting on this, I realize I have entirely missed out in a few things in life waiting for the "perfect" opportunity - or the perfect situation - or the perfect "whatever" - I missed out on the first Annual Sprint Triathlon in Hayden (2011) on account of not being "perfectly ready" (I could have swam on my back in a wet suit! :o done it). It is good to have high expectations, but even better TO LIVETo DO our best and be content with our best whatever it may be.. NOT ALLOWING HIGH EXPECTATIONS TO KEEP US FROM LIVING!


Mistake #2: Once I obtained the fertilizer I OVER APPLIED it. There was a time when I thought "more was better" and though I thought I learned that lesson I have come to realize that I had much more to learn on the matter. :o When I first created my garden I followed instructions and placed the fertilizer down before the soil. This kept the fertilizer deep in the ground as the foundation, but away from the new young plants. I mixed a little compost soil with the fertilizer just up from the fertilizer, then had compost soil on top without fertilizer. This worked very well and none of my plants ever died. This year I had to dig down into the soil to add the fertilizer, then place the soil back on top. When doing so, I decided to mix a little fertilizer in with the soil on top... I did not realize it at the time, but the purpose of having the fertilizer down deep is crucial to the plant's development. FIRST it encourages the plant to grow the roots DEEP to get to the fertilizer, thus making the plant stronger. SECOND, a new plant doesn't have the strength of an older plant and the FERTILIZER actually BURNS AND KILLS young plants! Young plants are NOT READY FOR FERTILIZER until they have grown some, which is another reason the fertilizer needs to be deep in the soil so plants can grow sufficiently strong before the roots reach the fertilizer. Just as babies need milk before meat... All thing need to be done in wisdom, order, and with patience. My friend Valerie kept me from injuring myself multiple times when I first started running with her. She knew that I needed to work my way up and train with wisdom and patience. Thank you Valerie!  :)

In addition to my garden having it's down's to learn from, it also has it's up's! :D (And these are my favorite lessons of all! :D) Since I knew I had only planted in a small corner of one of the beds, I only watered one corner of the bed. A few weeks went by and that corner began to grow while the rest remained barren. Then it began to rain - on the entire garden bed - including on the area in which I did not plant... To my surprise, seeds had spilled and were sprouting up. They were all in a little cluster with no room for the plants to grow large, but they were growing, and I hadn't even planted them! I was excited and hoped they might have time to grow produce, so I transplanted them, covering most of the rest of that garden bed. Now the plants are growing quickly and strong. And here are two more life lessons to be learned from my garden:

 *Like the the rest of the garden, these plants required very little effort on my part, 
and yet, I know they will give so much back. 

*Despite the fact that my garden isn't perfect and still has a couple barren spots,
  it is still beautiful and good!

I think the natural man in each of us can get overwhelmed rather easily. We see the BIG results that we want and we sometimes imagine that we will have to give up our entire lives and work harder than we have strength to work to make them happen - BUT IT ISN'T SO... Just as Heavenly Father sends the rains, He sends the experiences we need in life, and people who have been there before and can show the way. All we have to do is BELIEVE Him, enough to obediently follow the few simple instructions He gives us, and He will cause our small efforts to produce great blessings! Here again is one of my favorite quotes...
"God expects you to have enough faith and determination and enough trust in Him to keep moving, keep living, keep rejoicing. In fact, He expects you not simply to face the future (that sounds pretty grim and stoic); He expects you to embrace and shape the future--to love it and rejoice in it and delight in your opportunities... God is anxiously waiting for the chance to answer your prayers and fulfill your dreams, just as He always has. But He can't if you don't pray, and He can't if you don't dream. In short, He can't if you don't believe."
PS. I think all of this applies to my triathlon training as well as to any other goal or ambition in life. As I set aside a small amount of time to consistently train, my skills and strength improve and I am able to do and be more than I was before. Isn't it awesome the way big results come from small daily actions? 

Have an awesome day!
Corine :D