Saturday, August 11, 2012

My First Olympic Triathlon! :D

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Hi! :D Today I participated in my first Olympic distance triathlon! I have only been training for this for a short time so I have to remember that when comparing myself to the top racers (I started running in March of "11, but began learning to swim with my face in the water 5 months ago, and began biking again two months ago). Considering this - I am happy with the results! :) I have a couple of friends who have (at my request) been praying for me concerning the triathlon I did today. This post is a letter to them as well as to the rest of you who are interested in how things went today...
Thank you for your prayers, they were answered! (Especially the one about not having problems swimming in the crowd. ;0)
About the crowds... I didn't have to worry about the crowds for the swim at all! :o I was doing what I do best (socializing) when I said goodbye to a couple people so they could catch their wave. I decided to go get a drink of water and get back on time for my wave 10 minutes later.
As I walked back to my water bottle I decided that as thirsty as I was, I should watch the current wave go so I can see what the start is like with 200 people and decide if I wanted to just wait a minute to start behind the rest of the wave. By the time I got to the beach everyone was out there swimming full force and I didn't notice anyone swimming over the tops of anyone else. But , something else caught my attention... NO ONE ON THE BEACH HAD A CAP THE SAME COLOR THAT I HAD! AHHHH! Only I would do this - and I seem to make sure to do something like this with this blond head of mine regularly!!! Long story short, I had a TON of room before me, with NO ONE in the water around me; it took a while to catch up with part of the crowd... :o
Despite the several minute delay, I had a blast swimming! :D 
And I had a blast biking (it was quite fun passing people when we went up hills - despite the fact that some caught up with me on the flats)! :D  
I'm not sure if I can say the run was a "Blast" but I had fun socializing some more and encouraging people who were struggling. One man told me I was "way too happy for this!" After we chatted I passed him but later saw him again after turning around at the end of mile 3 and coming back to finish the last 3 miles of the run. He then hollered out to me, "And you're still  smiling! ;)" Yeah... I think even the run was a blast! :)
My time was nothing to write home about (though to tell you the truth, I don't actually know what it is yet exactly - but think it was just under 3 hours); however, I gave it a good effort and felt really good about that. I earned my first professional massage, and a nap, and took both of them with gratitude and gladness! :D
Now, I hope all is well with you. As for me, it is time to go catch another nap before getting together with friends tonight... :)
 Hugs... Corine :D

PS. I just remembered a favorite video of mine that I want to add to this post! :D Here is a man with a story to write home about!

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