Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Finally Running Again... :)

I don't have any idea what I am going to say here today. I just keep getting this push inside, telling me it is time to start writing on this blog again. So here I am! :)

I know I haven't been here in a long time. For 6 months I have didn't work out a whole lot - and not at all consistently. I have good news.  As for the last month... I am back! :) I have gradually begun to be active again. I just started running consistently again two or three weeks ago. I first began using the row machine here and there while the weather was cold etc. then I started running. I started out running just 3 miles per run, then finally ran 4 miles, then five, then three again a couple more times. I'm trying to work my way up carefully so I don't injure myself. Yesterday was my first time running 6 miles for many months. Today I ran 6 again, and ran it really well. I am again struggling with pain in knees (left feels arthritic) but I'm OK. I'll get through it again just like I did two years ago when I started running for the first time ever! :)

If you have a DailyMile account, look me up; maybe we can be "DailyMile-friends!"

I just have to say - it is SO EXCITING to be running again! :D My legs are SORE, but my spirits are high! I feel high! I'm proud of myself because today I ran, and kept running even when I was tempted to walk. I told myself,
"Corine, you CAN do this. Don't give in to the temptation to make this run 'easy.' How will you get better or find out what you can do if you make it easy?" 
So I kept running. And I gave it a good effort while still striving to run at a pace that I could maintain. I DID GOOD! :D I really did. I think I may have run the fastest 6 miles I have ever run. It feels SO GOOD to know that I am in charge of my body, and that me and my body can do amazing things. :) I know there are a LOT of runners who are way faster than me, but I also know that I'm running, and I don't even know what I am capable of. I don't think any of us do...

When I started running again last month, I probably ran about 10-minute miles, which was the pace of my first (and only so far) half marathon run (2011), but also a pace which a year later felt like a jog in the park. It was a bummer to run and really feel it then go look at my time and see that it was this pace which once felt so easy. But life has taught me that life isn't an upward climb - it's a roller coaster - and I need to persistently start again and keep moving forward even when it seems I've gone backwards. Time will go by whether or not I get back into shape; I may as well give it everything I've got so I can look back and say "I'm glad I did that" rather than "Gee I wish I had." That's what keeps me going.

When I train for triathlons or any sports this idea gets ingrained in me. I set out of the house with the simple goal to workout and give it a good effort. My goal for that day is not to do an Olympic Triathlon or a Half Marathon, and yet, that is exactly what I am accomplishing. That one simple workout is a small and simple puzzle piece in the puzzle of preparation that makes the big dream possible. None of my workouts are life shattering. I start out slow, and just do a little more and a little more. It never feels like more though, because my body grows faster and stronger with each workout. I keep running the same distance until my body wants to go farther. That's how I know I'm ready. Then I push my body to go just a little farther than it wants to.

Each daily workout feels like the same thing I have always done. While working out I don't usually realize that I'm doing more; and don't realize that I am adding to the puzzle of something big. And then it happens. That is when I finish the final pieces of the puzzle and realize that I have accomplished something big. And it will surprise me, because I never did anything big. I just kept doing a little more than I had before...

Training for triathlons has taught me to believe that I can be whatever I want to be as long as I put forth the effort consistently. I am anxious to dream again - and decide what else I want to be - then consistently work to make it happen...


  1. welcome back to running and blogging! i just got back on the blog horse myself. feels good doesn't it? :)

    1. Thanks, Doug! :D It's great to be doing both again! And thanks for commenting here. Your comment took me back to your blog and reminded me of that great article I once read about you and your cross country team "climbing" "Agony Hill." LOL Very inspirational! I seriously LOVE that story! I'm glad you got to "run" it the following year! :) And again, thanks for the inspiration and the comment! :)