Monday, June 24, 2013

No Matter the Terrain…

(I wrote this on June 18 - finally posting- and doing a little better! :)    

I could show you a photo taken of me in my swimsuit a week after the Olympic Triathlon last year. But I looked rather sexy, so I’m just not comfortable with that. ;o

I could show you a photo of me in a swimsuit now as well. But I haven’t put one on yet, and I’m also sure it would embarrass me. :o

Thus, I remain faithfully modest! (Aside from joking, I really am that modest.)

In addition to not even beginning to swim yet, I have not been working out enough on bike or foot as of late (last month). I reflected upon the importance of staying physically and spiritually strong a moment ago, so here I am to share my amazing thoughts! :)…

I remembered bike riding the hills of Hayden Lake (abut 24-27 miles depending upon the route). When I first began it was a very intense workout. It took – what felt like a very long time – to complete the journey. And I was very tired as I traveled. My back ached. My feet would go numb. There were times when I wondered if I could make it up a hill. There were even a few times in which I got off the bike and walked up, believing I could not make it to the top - only to soon discover that I was almost there.

The more I rode these challenging courses, the stronger I became. I would begin to feel like giving up then remember the times when I did give up, only to almost immediately afterwards, discover that I was almost there. Remembering this, I would tell myself, “perhaps I can make it” – and “perhaps I’m nearly to the top…”

And so I would resume the climb; I stopped giving up.

As I would ride these courses repeatedly, I would remember which hills were the most challenging and count them. I would recall that there were only three hills which were so intense as to challenge my endurance severely. 

I would anticipate these "three hills" and count down with triumph as I overcame them, “only two more to go;” “only one more to go.”

Eventually I began to cross over hills and forget which ones were the tough ones. :o I would think I was about to cross one of “the three” only to cross over it and say, “no, that couldn't have been one of them.” Soon, I found myself traveling on and on – bewildered as I found myself asking, “Where are those three hills?”

The “three challenging hills” eventually became the “two challenging hills” then the “one.” Until I finally discovered that “not one” of those hills could threaten to lick me!

So it goes…

As long as we keep pressing forward, eventually, no matter what the terrain...

We are strong

We are ready :D

I think it’s time to start training consistently again…