Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Choosing to BE a Triathlete Again... :)

Wow! I really haven't been consistent since immediately after that last Triathlon in August of 2012. And that was my FIRST season of triathlon training (I did two, about a month apart). I have worked out/trained for a month or two here or there since then, but have not been consistent all this time... 2013 was Not a year of consistent triathlon training! But it's OK. I'm an overcomer! :)

It's a New Year! :D Great time to make resolutions to improve and do better... 

A little over a week ago I ran again for the first time. I ran only two miles. The next day I ran another two miles. Over the weekend I noticed that my legs were sore! :o I was shocked! In 2011 I ran a half marathon - over 13 miles. In fact, I ran that several more times in 2012, and the last time was around 8 months ago, in early 2013. And yet - Only two miles, and still, my body FELT it!

I ran again a few days later. This time I ran 3 miles. I ran another three. And again another day I ran 6 with my husband, then 2.5 later that day with a son... :) I was again shocked. I ran over 8 miles that day, and yet, my body did not FEEL as worked as as it felt the day I ran just 2 miles... :D

I know a lot of people make resolutions then fissile out a week or two later. Trust me, I understand this... I used to be one of them. Yeah, you heard me right, "used" to be. ;) I do not say this to boast; I say it because I believe there is power in both words and action, and I desire to not only DO what I want to BE, but to also SPEAK the life I DESIRE. I learned a couple years ago that I AM what I choose to be, by disciplining myself to DO what it takes to BE what I want to be. And it is so much easier to DO something, when you tell yourself you can and stay positive! 

I am not perfect. I stumble and fall and get off track. This is not the time to beat myself up; it is the time to pick myself back up and get back on track, no matter how many times it is needed! 

Do you ever get discouraged when you have to work at the same thing, over and over again? Don't. :) Ups and down's are just a part of life... There isn't a soul on the planet who is always up! The fact that you get back up and try again (even when it seems impossible to) proves that you are an over-comer

So give yourself a pat on the back for trying - over, and over again - and not letting the down's keep you down...  :)

Corine :D

PS. I have short hair again...